How to Make Your Own Limoncello

Limoncello bottles

Bring the Amalfi Coast to your kitchen with some home bottled limoncello. This refreshing citrus beverage is surprisingly easy to make with only a few simple steps.

For this recipe you will need:

6 or 7 fresh lemons
1 liter or quart of vodka or pure grain alcohol
5 cups water
3 cups sugar

Step 1: Use a vegetable peeler to zest the ripe lemons. Avoid the white pith of the lemons by trimming with a small knife.
Step 2: Add the lemon peels to a 2-quart pitcher. Pour alcohol over the lemon slices and seal with plastic wrap. Let the mixture steep during four days at room temperature.
Step 3: After four days, heat water and sugar until the sugar dissolves. Once fully cooled, add the now sugar syrup to the vodka-lemon mixture.
Step 4: Cover the pitcher and let sit overnight.
Step 5: Strain the limoncello and transfer to your limoncello bottles.
Step 6: Refrigerate for at least four hours and your very own limoncello is ready to enjoy!

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