How to Bake a Cake in a Jar

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So everyone likes cake, right? Now imagine a party where everyone gets to leave with their own personal, portable cake. Pretty nice, right? Here is a way to make that possible:

First, I recommend you get your jars from They have a number of different types of glass jars that you could use, but the 8 oz. or 16 oz. Multipurpose Glass Jars are a reliable choice.
Then, you need to decide which kind of cake you want to make. I’ve always been partial to Funfetti, but any standard cake mix will work. If you’re feeling bold, you can put together a cake mix from scratch.

Step 1: Sterilize the jars. To do this, put the jars in a large pot and fill it with enough water to cover them. Bring the water to a boil and leave the jars in for 10 minutes or more. After that, take them out and let them dry.

Step 2: Prepare the mix and jars. Follow the instructions on your cake mix of choice to prepare it for baking. Also be sure to spray the inside of the jars with spray oil to prevent the cake from sticking to the sides. Put the jars on a baking tray with high sides to prevent the jars from falling over. Then, pour in enough batter to fill up between a third and a half of the jar

Step 3: Preheat and bake. Preheat your oven and bake the jars for 15 minutes less than the recipe recommends. At this point, check on the cake and see if it is finished, if not, allow it to bake longer. You can stick a long toothpick or a chopstick into the cake. If any thing sticks to it the cake needs to bake a little longer.

Step 4: The finishing touches. Frost the cake with a store-bought frosting, or make your own. Screw the lids on tightly, also available at, and decorate them as you see fit.

And like that, you have a cake in a jar to send home with your friends at the end of your party.

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