eBottles.com business is the supply of bottles to online buyers worldwide.

Plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic and glass jars, tins, aluminum bottles, closures, pumps, sprayers, shrink bands -- we are entirely focused on the needs of the ecommerce bottle customer. Our goal is to constantly find ways to improve the shopping and product delivery experience to make purchasing bottles simple, easy and rewarding.

Our principals have been active in the business of supplying bottles to major marketers of consumer products for over 60 years. Our products are manufactured by the finest producers from the U.S., Europe and Asia. The bottles, jars and closures we offer are the same components you will find on store shelves everywhere used by major manufacturers of consumer products.
eBottles.com is headquartered in Jupiter, FL. Our customer service center welcomes your call Mon-Fri 9-5 Eastern Standard Time.

eBottles maintains an inventory of 1,000's of sku's of plastic and glass bottles, closures and tins. We ship thousands of orders each month with most orders shipping within 24 hours .

A list of some of our larger customers can be found at: http://www.ebottles.com/custprodbottles.asp

eBottles values customer feedback and is always eager to hear how we may improve the quality of our product or service. If you would like to communicate with us you can reach us through the following methods:

email: feedback@bottles.com
phone: toll free at 888-215-0023
fax: 561-203-2797

snail mail:
4286 West Main St
Jupiter, FL 33458

Our U.S. distribution centers are located in Connecticut, Colorado, Georgia and California.